East Lyme Public Trust Foundation
Ribbon Cutting on July 15, 2005
An important part of making the Niantic Bay Overlook a community project resulted from the initial five hundred donors whose bench and board inscriptions share thoughts and memories that reflect our mutual sense of community.

Ribbon Cutting

Donor support not only provided part of the overlook structure but also allowed the Trust to give the Town of East Lyme litter receptacles and to establish an endowed fund dedicated to Overlook maintenance. Future opportunity will be provided for people to continue to donate for benches and boards.

Memorial Donations

Donations made in memory of John H. Frank
(Waterford, Connecticut)

Melissa Robbins & Michael Lombardo
Charles J. Piskura
Lenita S. Pepper & Tom H. Pepper, M.D.
Robin Pero-Ryan & Eugene J. Ryan
Mr. & Mrs. Eric R. Ottoson
Jane O. Hall & Kenneth V. Hall
Martha E. and Frank R. Whalen
Susan B. Avery and Howard B. Russ

Donations made in memory of Gary Allen Wood
(Columbia, Connecticut)

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Delorso
Denis and Patricia Horgan
Jeffrey D. Linstone
Dolores C. and Joseph M. Lynch
Mona and David Mercure
Palmer Sheet Metal Co., Inc.
Sheet Metal Workers Union Local No. 40
Edward, Marilyn, and Brian Worlund
Earl Wood

Donations made in memory of Thomas Michael Wood
(Columbia, Connecticut)

Palmer Sheet Metal Co., Inc.
Mr. Thomas Schreindorfer
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Delorso
Mrs. Dolores C. Lynch
Sheet Metal Workers International Association
Jim and Joan Wood
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Worlund
Mr. Brian Worlund
Ms. Marilyn Worlund

Overlook Bench Donors
Prior to June 22, 2005, bench donations were made that provided 50 park benches. Between June and December, 2005, 53 additional benches were donated that resulted in a total of 103 benches presently distributed along the 1.1 mile long Overlook. The following list of donors are those who sponsored the first 50 benches placed on the Overlook just before its Ribbon Cutting on July 15, 2005.

Christopher Barrett
Paul L. Bobinski
Elizabeth Brousseau
Pauline Brown and Family
Karen Chan
Silver Skate Christmas Shop
Sally Cini
C. Taylor CT Valley Homes
Jean L. Daniels
Polly and Robert De Santo
Michael Dunn
William Ebersole
CTE Engineers
Wil and MaryEllen Gladue
Arthur Gledhill
Pat and Jim Greenleaf
George and Mary Hayden
William and Mary Hennessey
Mindy Horner
John and June Hoye
Shirley and Elmer Jones
Kim Benoit and Kerry Marcolina
Ernest Libby
Daniel Lowell
Sally McIntyre
  Kevin and Patricia McMahon
William and Pamela
Judy and Granville Morris, Esq.
Dorothy North
Niantic Plumbing
Carl and Tina Olsen
Gary Orefice
Susan PerkinsMark Powers and Family
William and Jane Powers
Betty Purvis
Richard Ranelli
Bill and Fran Rinoski
Susanna Schwartz
Thomas Sena, MD
William Shontell
Patricia Simpson
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sinagra
Pamela Stevens
Jack and Gay Suplicki
The Micali Family
Edward Shan TRI Town Foods
Mitchell Trust LLC
Hans E. Wiedermann Family

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Overlook Plaques
Listed here are the four hundred and fifty-one donors of board inscriptions made prior to June 22, 2005. If you would like to sponsor a board, please download the application form and mail it in with your donation of $100.
Thanks for your support!

Overlook Plaques

Barbara Acker
Judy Aldrich
Cynthia Allen
Jody and Steve Alligood
Peg Amaio
Donald and Ada Amaro
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Amatucci
Charles Ambulos
Ruth Ames
Sue and Birger Andersen
Cheryl Andrews
Henry and Elizabeth Apicelli
Roger and Doreen Arnold
Marjorie Aubrey
Mr. and Mrs. Ross Baiera
Danny and Sherri Baillargeon
Karen and William Balzer
David Banks
Joseph and Linda Baribeau
Beverly Barrus
Fred Bates
Carol and Kim Baton
Laurie Beaulieu
AJ and Virginia Beebe, Jr.
Josephine Beebe, Ph.D.
Peter Bendfeldt
Cindi Benedict
Mark and Jan Bennett
Tom and Anita Bentley
Sandra and Joe Berardy
Ryan Blake Berner
Kathleen Bitgood
Black Point Beach Association
Karen and Marie Blyskal
Jeanne Bonin
Edith Bonser
Helen Booty
Heather Bordeleau
Mrs. Diana L. Bouchard
Jean Bowlen
Carolyn Boyle
Bernadette Brackett
Ernest Bragdon
Allison Brailey
Edward Brailey
Kathy Duggan and Maureen Bruninger
The Brinkman Family
Mary Brown
Mark Brown
Jeff Bruno
Rachel Bruno
Susan Bruno
Barbara and Peter Buckley
John and Sally Budds
Liz Buhler
Gary and Cathy Birgard
Jean Butchka
Paul and Marine Caizzi
Christopher Capozzoli
Holly and John Carbonneau
Dawn Carlson
Rebecca Carpenteri
Carig and Terry Carucci
June Romagna Carver
Deborah Casey
Kathie Cassidy
Edward Cataldo
John Catani
Claudia Catani
Shirley Caywood
Toni Chabot
Michael Chambers
Doranne Chapman
Donald and Barbara Chapman
Jennifer Charron
Howard and Janice Christensen
Dorothy Ciliano
Carmin CiminoMary Irene Clark
Niantic Center School Class of 52
David and Kathleen Claussen
Edward and Shirley Cleary
Richard and Donna Cochrane
Cochrane, Arnold, and Harris
Julie Cohen
Mike and Dot Concascia
Athena and Donald Cone
Stacey Conn
Richard and Deb Cook
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Cooney
Douglas and Charlene Corkhill
John Coudon
Donald Counsellor
Elizabeth Coviello
Carole Coyle
Joan Craig
Niantic Lions Club (Craig Carucci)
Crescent Point at Niantic (Gina
Kerry Cutillo Sullivan
Trish Czelusniak
Catherine Daboll
Jackie Dadey
Phillip and Nancy D’Amato
Lisa Daniels
Justin Daubar
East Lyme Police Benevolent
Association (David Murphy)
Anne Davis
Robert and Judith Davis
Thomas Davoren
Michelle and David Dean
Brenda Dejuliis
Colin Delaney
Thelma DeLaura
Farrel and Gina D’Eliseo
Raymond and Laura DeMonte
Kim Costranzo and
RoseMary Dempsey
Richard Dempsey
Donna and Mike Dennis
The Derry Family
Edmond Diamantini
Sal and Shirley DiMauro
Santana Divinetz
Christine Dixon
John and Kathleen Dolan
Diane Donacki
Marie Donahue
Jim and Lois Donnelley and Family
Ruth and Nick Doukas
Judi Dousis
Erica Drazewski
Nileen Drzewianowski
Richard and Carol Dudek
Peter and Jo-Ann Dusis
Jean and Robert Dullea
Thomas Dunphy
East Lyme Republican Club
(Esther Williams)
East Lyme Woman’s Club
(Lucille Kerr)
Susan Ebersole
EHS Education, L.L.C.
Jaime Ellis
Ellen Emery
Richard Erricson
Britt Esterley
Cynthia Etienne
Tom and Elenore Fagan
David Lane Fairbanks
The Loscoe and Nielsen Families
The Giordano Family
The Condon Family
William Farnan
Robert Fasulo
Lori Fauteux
Evelyn R. Ferguson
Deborah Ferguson
Houser, Longo,
and Ferguson Families
Dee Dee Filiatreault
Donald Filosi
The Firrugia Family
Joan and Henry Fitting
Patricia Flanagan
Angela Folino
Roland and Ruth Forget
Eleanor Fortunato
Cynthia Foster
Edward and Joanne Foster
Patricia Francis
Marion Frink
Terry and MIichael Fullen
Gale Fullon
Pennie Garvin
Terri and Lionel Gelinas
Paul Gergel
Nick Giardina
Daniel Gillen
Jerry and Edna Gilstad
Dr. Russell Giordano
Arthur Gledhill
George and Nancy Glendenning
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Goeben
Daniel Gonet
Gail Goodenow
Dawn Goralewicz
Shelli Gordy

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  Margaret Graml
Karen Lee Greenwald
Frank and Nancy Grundman
Barbara and Peter Guerra
The Guido Family
Dr. Jerry Guindon
Michael and Susan GulaJean Haderski
Jean and Richard Haderski
Joseph and David Hahn
Keith and Andrea Hall
Janet Hamilton
Barbara Hanley
Barbara Hannon
Harbor Hill Marina Inc. ( Mr. Labrie)
Richard Havourde
Philip Heilpern
William Hennessey, Sr.
Joanne Herlihy
Peg and Ray Herzberg
Alan and Rita Herzog
The Hickey Family
Mark Hightower
Bert and Judy Hilburger
Lawrence Hillyer, Jr.
Gertrude Hoffman
Frank and Claudene Holt
Charles Holyfield
Donna and Davis Howell
John and June Hoye
Nelson and Carlene Hubbell
Margaret Hugin
Gail Hull
Nelson and Dot Hulme
Peter Hunt
Donald Hunter
Vasilios Igoumenos
Carol and Jim Indorato
Barbara and Ray Jacobsen
Pam Byrnes and Richard Jacobsen
Robert Jakubiel
Vincent and Barbara Jalbert
Witold Jankowski
Mary Jennings
Leo Club ELHS (Jim Harris)
Rita Quiles and John Glover
Glen Johnson
Dale Johnson
Enez Juska
Donna and Mike Jutila
Karin Kari
Peter Karpinski
Elaine Keeley
Joyce Kelly
The Kensel Family
Peter Kern
Lewis Kerr
John and Lana King
John and Mary Kish
Valerie Koehler
George Kohl
Joseph Kropf
Kelly Labonte
Carolyn LaflecheJames Lahey
Bud and Jackie Lamourine
Karen and Roland Langois
Charles LaPlante
Carol Lemieux
Deb Levandoski
Christine Levine
Matthew Lewis
Jack and Pat Lewis
Lynne Ann Libuha
Edward Lilienthal
Caren and Bob Linden
Dave and Cheryl Lopriore
Patricia Lord
Paul Losacano
Lauren Lovetere
Richard Lovett
John Luber
Gunar Lucis
Peter and Gail Lundin
Mrs. William MacKay
Pat L. Maillett
Frances Malin
Peter and Kath Manousos
Pat and Bill Mansfield
Chris Manzi
Daniel Manzi
Danette Manzi
Andrea Marra
Robert and Grace Marrion
Eileen Mason
Dale Mayott
Charles Mcauliffe
Edward McCloy
Robert and Jackie McComic
Nancy McComic
Sean McCready
Rebecca McCue
Thomas and Cathy McCue
Jogn McCulloch
Carol and Charles McElaney
Elinor McGilvery
Mary McGuinness
Patricia McIlwain
Peter and Jaye Sepko
Ernest Care and Josephine Shelton
Helen and Gene Showalter
Dave Showalter
Barbara and Manny Siegel
The Silver Skate Christmas Shop
Shannon Simmons
Sharon Slaton
John and Dori Smallidge
Peter R. Smith
Linda Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Dewitt Smith, Jr.
Susan Spang
Senior Citizen’s Club of East Lyme
(M. Caste)
Jeanne Stadnicki
Cris Staubach
Kande and Denay Steele
Robert Stevenson
The Stuart, Erlemeier and Martin
Scot and Gisele Styren
Richard and Linda Sugarman
Julie Sutherland
Annette Swan
Kandis Swan
William and Joan Thayer
Jane Mateo and Theresa Petry
Anne Thurlow
Lauren Todd
Patricia Tomaino
Roger Tomkiel
Ruth Tomnari
Cheryl Townend
Kelley Tringe
Margaret Trombly
Susan and Thomas Turner
John and Keamette Tuthill
Jean Uguccioni
Paul Vincenti
Brian Vincenti
Karen Volkmar
Peter Volkmar
Katrina Vymola
Janice and Gary Wahlstrom
Jacqueline Walker
Robin Waller
Robert and Elizabeth Warenda
Jennifer Warren
Robert and Mary Wassung
Gail and Steven Weber
Corinne and David Weber
Charles Wernquest
Rudolph and Susan Westner
Christie Whitaker
Evelyn Whitcomb
Mary White
Brigid White
Susan Whitney
Susan Whritner-Somes
Jaime Wilczek
Kathleen and William Wild
Spencer and Chrystine Williams
Jack and Joan Williams
Esther Williams and Bob Williamson
Frank and Nancy Wilson
Mary and Steven Wilson
Pat Erricson and Betty Windhom
Deb and Linda Wnek
Thomas and June Woudenberg
Anne York
Paula and Ronald Young
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Young
Carol Zebzda
Paul and Carla Zerio
David Zoller
Theodora Zrakas

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